Eden Birdlip 
Ridge System

Stronger, more durable building. Accessory cresting can be added…

Door Lock System

A key locking door which locks with a simple push button action…

Classic Appearance

Clean, modern aesthetics with no ugly sliding door support brackets…

Gutter System

Increase precious rainwater capture. Uses standard 40mm plumbing parts for easy…

Door System

Perfect access, No more trips! Ideal for wheelchair users and wheelbarrow access…

Clip System

Improves rain water run off to gutter. Reduces greenhouse leaks…


I just wanted to you to know how happy I am with my Greenhouse, thank you once more!

Mr Coutts

100% designed and manufactured by British craftsmen

Eden Birdlip

Although the smallest greenhouse in the range, the Birdlip is big on features and performance. High eaves ensures plenty of room for you and your specimen plants. Large roof vents keep the growing area well ventilated in the summer months. The revolutionary Zero Threshold™ door system ensures smooth, jam free operation, while the large gutters enable you to capture the most rainwater possible. 40mm Downpipes are supplied as standard and are compatible with widely available plumbing parts. Available with horticultural, long pane toughened glass or twin wall polycarbonate, the Birdlip also comes in aluminium, green or black finishes. Strong aluminium profiles ensure a long working life and like all Eden greenhouses, the Birdlip is covered by our 12 year frame guarantee. Now even if you have a small garden, you do not have to compromise on performance. United Kingdom Patent Application No. 1415430.6 / Community Design No. 002546390-001-002
Size Length Width Eaves Ridge Door Roof Vents Glazing Finish
Horti Tough Poly Alu Green Black
BIRDLIP 44 1.75m2 1324mm 1478mm 1600mm 2134mm Double 1
4′ 5″ 4′ 10″ 5′ 3″ 7′ 0″
BIRDLIP 46 2.57m2 1942mm 1478mm 1600mm 2134mm Double 2
6′ 5″ 4′ 10″ 5′ 3″ 7′ 0″
BIRDLIP 48 3.38m2 2560mm 1478mm 1600mm 2134mm Double 2
8′ 5″ 4′ 10″ 5′ 3″ 7′ 0″

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    […] on features and performance, this Eden Birdlip greenhouse is one of the smallest in the range. Made in aluminium, it has a Zero Threshold door […]

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